At 313 Custom, we specialize in providing custom printing services, allowing customers to personalize their shirts with unique designs, names, and numbers. We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and strive to deliver high-quality products tailored to their specifications.

Return Process: Upon receiving an order, we meticulously fulfill each request to ensure accuracy and quality. However, if a delivered product does not meet the customer's expectations or arrives wrong item, we offer a flexible return process.

Conditions for Returns: Returns are accepted under the following conditions:

  • The delivered product deviates from the customer's approved design or specifications.
  • The product is wrong delivery.

No-Term Policy: We adhere to a no-term policy for returns. If the delivered product reaches the customer correctly, no return term is imposed.

Negotiation Process: In the event of a discrepancy or dissatisfaction with the delivered product, we initiate a dialogue with the customer to address their concerns. Our dedicated team will work closely with the customer to negotiate a suitable solution, whether it be a refund or replacement.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: 313 Custom  customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to resolving any issues promptly and ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with their custom-printed products.

Conclusion: Our return policy reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and maintaining the highest standards of quality in custom printing. We strive to foster positive relationships with our clients by offering a transparent and accommodating return process.